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More Deaths than One

A Coroner at the turn of the Millennium


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  • ISBN: 978-1-910237-64-9

  • Published October 2021

  • Price £18.00 + postage

  • 262 pages
  • Illustrated with 30 illustrations


Cover photo by David Roberts taken from the Low Wood Hotel during the Coroners’ Society conference there in September 2008.

About this Book:

With a foreword by Gina Campbell, QSO

For the first time in eighty years an English coroner tells his story. Over quarter of a century Ian Smith dealt with deaths every day. Into the beauty and peace of Southern Lakeland, many and varied tragedies intruded.
A teenager killed by her parents; a building run by a local authority poisoning its residents; a woman murdered by her husband, a story which spans five decades; and world speed record holder Donald Campbell, his boat and his body recovered 34 years after his death.
"More Deaths Than One" tells these stories and many others as well as that of a quiet man doing a job which could at any moment bring him into the spotlight of the national and international press.
It will give you an insight into our one remaining taboo – death and how we deal with it.


Do read this book as you will have the privilege of reading what effort and research of great interest goes into every case where “An inquest will be held shortly” Gina Campbell QS0








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