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Remember to Smile: Looking for Kate



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  • ISBN: 978-1-910237-38-0

  • Published mid-May 2018

  • Price £15.00 + postage

  • 228 pages

  • Illustrated with 55 colour photographs



About this Book:

Where was Kate? Coming from a long line of adventurers Liz and Patrick’s middle daughter Kate was far from conventional. Wilfully independent, she had travelled the world before finally settling in Bali, calling her family in England every week regaling them with letters and photographs of her continuing adventures. But now she’d gone quiet.
For three weeks there were no calls, letters or emails. It was as if Kate had vanished from the face of the earth.
Local police had found no trace of Kate and, dissatisfied with the investigation, her parents, supported by two British police detectives, went to Indonesia to search for answers...
Told by Kate’s mother, this is a story of love, hope and tragedy, as two desperate parents enter an alien world of extreme backpackers, ex-pats, corrupt officials and violent criminals in a real life version of 'The Beach'. Only one thing was certain. Their lives would never be the same again.
A prolific photographer and talented writer, Kate’s letters also form a major part of this book. Endearingly written, they are vivid, funny and full of personality – vibrant vignettes of how she feels, what she sees, and what she believes. There is a sense of a beautiful, questing spirit, always seeking, but never quite finding her place in the world – quick to laugh, always there for others, always remembering to smile.


Bishop John Richardson of Bewcastle writes: Sometimes you come across a book you cannot put down. "Remember to Smile: Looking for Kate" is one such book. It’s a story which is at once compelling, tragic, true and celebratory. It is also beautifully written... She seemed to have an affinity for the vulnerable in any society, the outsiders, the lonely and the lost. As she grew to adulthood, her rebellious, big-hearted spirit tried it all, exploring the world and testing the boundaries, a world of increasing risk and danger, a danger that finally grew beyond her control... This book tells that story and I cannot commend it too highly.







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