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Between Two Gardens:

The diary of two Border gardens


About this book:

  • ISBN: 090 081 117X (paperback)

  • Published 1982

  • Price £17.50 (including post and packing)

  • 101 pages

  • Illustrated with colour plates



The Book:
This book is now out of print - many apologies.

The late Sylvia McCosh lived in Scotland with her husband; she was born a Hasell of Dalemain in Cumbria, and has all her life had a passionate interest int he countryside, especially gardening. Her earliest interest was sparked by the old gardener at Dalemain when she was a child, and later when she went to school at Downe House she took back at the beginning of term, in addition to her school trunk, a suitcase filled with "manure" to "improve the Berkshire soil".
Sylvia McCosh hoped to inspire her sons and her grandchildren with some of her lifelong love of flowers, shrubs and trees. She spent most days, in all weathers, working in one garden or another in her wellington boots and an old prep school burberry belonging to a long grown-up son.
An American friend, on return to the USA, is reported to have remarked after visiting Dalemain, "Only an English woman gardener would show you around her garden - under an umbrella - in the dark - with a torch!" To garden both at Dalemain and at Huntfield high in the southern uplands of Scotland is a challenge which Sylvia McCosh enjoyed above all else.


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Many apologies this book is now out of print.

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