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The Great Flood:

Carlisle 2005


About this book:

  • ISBN: 9781904524281 (paperback)

  • Published 2005

  • Price £20.00

  • 168 pages

  • Illustrated with 211 colour photographs



About the Book:

THE exceptional weather which hit Cumbria so hard in January 2005 touched everyone in the county. Suddenly the focus of the international media was on Carlisle and people struggled to cope as the greatest ever flood hit the city. Feeling that this tragedy should be recorded, author Dawn Robertson set out to interview some of those involved. Their stories, along with accounts and photographs from local residents and newpapers, make up this book which is illustrated with more than 200 full colour photographs. Peter Koronka provided many of the illustrations for this book. Profits are being donated to the Cumbria Flood Recovery Fund.

Although not the first publication on the subject since the violent rainstorm hit Carlisle earlier this year, 'The Great Flood', a new book from Hayloft, covers the disaster so effectively, with many striking pictures, that it seems likely to become a leading work of local history.
Upper Eden journalist Dawn Robertson and photographer Peter Koronka acted promptly on hearing of the enormity of the flooding in Carlisle on Saturday, 8th January, and the stories and pictures they gathered make up much of the book.
There are more than 200 full colour photographs. They depict the frightening threat of rising floodwater, the drama of rescue operations and the costly chaos of the rain-sodden aftermath. Even the family dog had to be rescued from a house in Corporation Road!
Tribute is paid to BBC Radio Cumbria, where Martin Plenderleith and Steve Urquhart worked overtime to keep people informed about the progress of the flooding and to offer advice and reassurance.
Although most of he book covers the gravity of the situation in the city, one of the chapters goes 'around the county', showing scenes of devastation at Eamont Bridge, Appleby, Wetheral and Warwick Bridge. Fred Wilson, of the 'Herald' is among the cameramen whose pictures enliven this section.
The book ensures that the drama and the destruction of the floods of 2005 will never be forgotten.

Cumberland & Westmorland Herald, 9 April 2005


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