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From the High Pennines:

The story of an Alderson Family from the 17th century to the dawn of the 21st embracing Bellairs, Bradshaw-Isherwood, Mackenzie, Hodgson and Bland


About this book:

  • ISBN: 190 452 4079 (paperback)

  • Published 2003

  • Price £10 + postage

  • 133 pages

  • Illustrated with 42 black and white photographs

About this Book:

This book will appeal to all those interested in the North Pennines of Yorkshire and Cumbria through the development of one local family, the Aldersons, and the social history of the times as they moved through the centuries. The history of landscape gardening is also covered from Rectory Gardens in South Yorkshire and Derbyshire to Frogmore (Windsor).
The Aldersons married into the Bellairs of Warwickshire and Bolton Abbey, the Bradshaw- Isherwoods of Marple in Cheshire, the Mackenzies of Jamaica and Twickenham and the Blands of Bradford. The author was an aeronautical engineer, was born in Hull and was drawn to Bristol by the magic of Concorde. He became a City Councillor and was Chairman of the Alderson Family History Society.

In recounting the story of his family from the 17th century to the present day, Marmaduke Alderson paints in a background of English social history with telling vignettes. Church, State and the Colonies all have their place in this fascinating account of the antecedents of one of Bristol's Lord Mayors. It is left to the reader to draw out what the past has bequeathed to Bristol's present. The Right Reverend Barry Rogerson, Bishop of Bristol

This story starts with the outsider Christopher Alderson, from Stainmore, whose siblings were shepherds and miners. He chose the path of shepherd of men and found riches that were intellectual, aesthetic and, by a shrewd participation in the systems of advancement by matrimony and patronage which oiled the wheels of 18th century society, financial as well. Richard Burley, Archivist


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