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Kings Meaburn Cookery Book


About this book:

  • ISBN: 9781904524946 (paperback)

  • Published 2013

  • Price £7.50 + postage

  • Available July 2013
  • 100 pages



About this book:

The first and second editions of this cookery book were sold in aid of the Kings Meaburn new chapel building fund. The new chapel was opened in 1932. The recipes come from Kings Meaburn and surrounding villages in the Eden Valley.

The book includes over 300 old-fashioned recipes including such interesting dishes as Dashwood Pudding, Jellied Rabbit, Telegram Cake and Apple Ginger. There are also some hints on how to wash paintwork, how to cook a husband and even a dish for lovers with ingredients: 1 little duck, 1 nice young man, 2 sweet hearts, 2 kindred soles and 1 shady nook!

This edition, published in 2013, with the kind permission of Kings Meaburn chapel members, is being sold in aid of Appleby Grammar School’s South African cultural exchange visit. Every two years, young people from Appleby and surrounding villages, have the opportunity to visit South Africa on a cultural exchange. They not only get to see the beauty of South Africa, but also spend time working in schools, orphanages and day centres, so they can witness the lives of children whose culture and circumstances are very different from their own, and share with them some of their Cumbrian culture and experiences.

Sales of this book are in aid of Appleby Grammar School’s South African and future cultural exchanges organised by the school.


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