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Odd Corners in Appleby


About this book:

  • ISBN: 9781904524007

  • Published 2002

  • Price £8.50 + postage

  • 90 pages

  • Illustrated with 115 black and white photographs

About this Book:
Odd Corners in Appleby (in Westmorland) takes you on a stroll around some of the lesser known and quirkier corners of this historic market town. If you are new to Appleby you will gain a fascinating insight into some of the town's "forgotten" history and if you are an Applebian then you'll find something of yourself in this book.

Official histories of people and places tend to focus on the bigger picture, glossing over the smaller details of everyday life. This book revels in those details. Odd Corners in Appleby is written in an intelligent, easy-to-read, style and is illustrated with over a hundred excellent black and white photographs to complement the text.

About the Author:

Gareth Hayes was born and bred in Appleby, served his time as head boy of Appleby Grammar School and qualified with a scientific degree at Sunderland University. This led to a twenty-year career in the pharmaceutical industry and, with over 50 scientific works behind him, including editor of Principles of Clinical Research in 2001, he has recently contributed three chapters for the forthcoming book Careers in the Pharmaceutical Industry, incredibly the first of its kind.

Endowed with a passion for the countryside, Gareth plans to combine his health care background with his natural outlook and has formed his own company "nrg pathway" to investigate and promote energy therapies. "I've always had a personal conflict between art and science," explains Gareth, "and only recently have I realised they overlap and live together. Getting back to my roots has been one of the healthiest decisions made for me. I hope that the people of Appleby know how lucky they are to live in such an idyllic place."


Take a Stroll Around some Quirky Corners

BORN and bred in Appleby, the author takes a stroll around some of the lesser known and quirkier corners of the historic market town. Over a hundred glossy black and white photographs taken from odd angles reveal the minute details of the town's forgotten history making this coffee-table book an ideal present for someone who is familiar with Appleby.

The pictures are not restricted to panoramic postcard images of the famous buildings such as the Moot Hall and the Norman Keep but show the nooks and crannies of the town through the eyes of an inquisitive visitor.
Although railways, religion and Romanies have a significant place in the book, as the traditional subject matter for the town's history, Hayes also looks at peculair topics such as hairdressing.

The text is intelligent, easy to read and combines historical details with amusing anecdotes. For example, a chapter entitled 'The Dead Shop' traces the purpose of the building from mortuary to bike shop and is enlivened by the author's recollection of having peered into the window to see the labelled toe of a corpse.

Written with an underlying attempt to find utopia in the cobbled back streets of the town, this book is idealistic yet realistic. It follows a logical layout, looking at the town's history place by place and still manages to throw in the possibility that the name 'Appleby' may have connections with King Arthur! Westmorland Gazette, January 2003


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