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Richmond and Swaledale: An illustrated visit to a beautiful dale


About this book:

  • ISBN: 978-1-910237-34-2

  • Available early December 2017

  • Price £18.00 + postage

  • 152 pages
  • Illustrated with 212 colour photographs and paintings


About this book:

THE original and ancient township of Richmond in North Yorkshire has a unique beauty, which has inspired artists of both colour and word for centuries. Its history spans nearly ten of those centuries and its story is told clearly by its magnificent castle; in its streets, its museums, architecture, monuments and its wonderful location.
The Norman town sits solidly above the River Swale at the entrance to Swaledale; the most northerly of the dales comprising the North Yorkshire National Park. This dale, and its twin Arkengarthdale, which branches off to meet the North Pennine Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty, is the northernmost dale of the national park and is perhaps the most unspoilt of any of the North Yorkshire dales.
Wild and narrow, Swaledale was formed and is drained, by the River Swale; and still illustrates the enormous power of the post-glacial period. The dale has been settled for thousands of years, a fact which can be seen from the many remains of Neolithic, Bronze-Age, Iron-Age and Romano-British settlements situated along its length.
The area suffered with the ‘Harrying of the North’ a series of campaigns waged by William the Conqueror in the winter of 1069-70 to subjugate northern England. The presence of the last Wessex claimant, Edgar Atheling, had encouraged Anglo-Danish rebellions that for a time broke the Norman hold on the northern counties.
The mineral wealth of Swaledale and Arkengarthdale gradually promoted its re-occupation; mining and farming thereafter invigorated its growth. Its many small villages and the miles of easily accessible footpaths together with the abounding beauty of these dales, attracts scores of tourists annually and the area has become internationally famous.
This book attempts to capture and illustrate the beauty of this northern treasure with over 200 colour original photographs and paintings.

The Author:
PETER Moppett was an Electrical Engineer for most of his working life, starting as a research assistant, working on radar pulse development and wind tunnel design, before experiencing a little over two years as a rather elderly, four years deferred, National Serviceman, serving with the Royal Corps of Signals. During which time, he met, Mary, his wife of 55 years.
Continuing his career after Army service, he specialised in the design of power distribution and control systems for ferrous and non-ferrous metallurgical smelting plants, which took him to several different countries, before settling into a totally different career as a senior Local Government Officer.
Peter has always shown a passion for photography and landscape art and since retirement to North Yorkshire has developed some skill as a digital painter, activities which he has combined in the production of this book.

SOME of the people who attend The ABLE Centre recently went to a book signing by man who is one of our keenest supporters. Peter Moppett has just published a book entitled ‘Richmond and Swaledale – An illustrated visit to a beautiful dale’
His book captures and illustrates the beauty of the area with over 200 original photographs and digital paintings.
Peter is one of the Friends of ABLE, often popping in to see us and in the new year he will be running some art workshops with the people who attend the centre.
Two of these people are Susan Spence and Tracy Jones. Along with our Manager, Lynn Tomkinson, they went to see Peter at his book signing in The Station, Richmond.
Susan was one of the first to buy and get a book signed and will be giving it as a Christmas present to a member of her family.
Lynn said: “Peter supports us so much, so we wanted to give something back by coming to the book signing. Everybody at ABLE is looking forward to him working with us in the New Year.”
Peter said: “I like visiting The ABLE Day Centre; everyone has been very supportive of me during my work on this book and Lynn is even proof reading my next book.
“Even though I am from London originally I have lived in Richmondshire most of my life and have always found it a fascinating area and I enjoy exploring every inch of it.”
Peter’s book is available from all good bookshops, quoting the ISBN number and locally from Castle Hill Bookshop in Richmond.


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