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Secrets and Legends of Old Westmorland  


About this book:


  • ISBN 9780952328247

  • Published 1991

  • Price £17.95 + postage

  • 183 pages

  • Illustrated with black and white infrared photographs

Paperback: (Now out of print)

  • ISBN 9780952328292

  • Published 1991

  • Price £12.95 + postage

  • 183 pages

  • Illustrated with black and white infrared photographs


SECRETS and Legends of Old Westmorland is a book about exactly what the title says. The old county of Westmorland, now part of Cumbria, includes the eastern Lake District, Eden Valley and parts of the Howgill Fells. The book explores the legends of Westmorland seriously for the first time, sometimes tracing back a legend or ghost story to its original source in Celtic myth or Dark Age mystery.

Many of the area's old buildings and ancient monuments such as Long Meg stone circle have legends attached to them. All the most famous legends and some forgotten secrets of old Westmorland are included in this book.

This large format book, first published in 1991, is illustrated by infra-red black and white photographs of each site. The photographic work was sponsored by Kodak and Kentmere Photographic. There are only a few copies of this book left.


1)This delightful book of tales is an important document of the old county of Westmorland. The evocative an unusual photographs by Peter Koronka complement the text well. If these stories had not been recorded now many of them might have been lost forever. Hilary Gray, editor Cumbria magazine

2) Dawn Robertson is building for herself a considerable reputation as a fluent teller of tales, allied to a deep love of the far flung county of Cumbria, its legends and traditions, and an obvious capacity for thorough research. John Hurst, editor Cumberland & Westmorland Herald.

3)Secrets and Legends of Old Westmorland is a book the like of which has not been seen for a century. It is for Dawn Robertson, the realisation of a life long passion for local folklore and legend. The book is a colloboration between Dawn and photographer Peter Koronka and was launched in the great hall of Appleby Castle by polar explorer Robert Swan, OBE.

Westmorland's mythology abounds with tales of hautnd houses, castles, lovers, giants, pagan myth and mystery; and Dawn has taken these, and many more, and cast a charming spell.

With its easy style it is an enlightening and informative read, perfect for thos long winter nights. Once picked up, this book refuses to be put down, for not only is it a joy to read, it is also a joy to behold.

Peter Koronka's stunning contribution of 90 photographs adorn the book's 200 pages perfectly. Peter used black and white infra-red film, supplied by Kodak, printed on photographic paper suppled by Kentmere Limited to give breath-taking, almost living, images with which to complement Dawn's text.

Secrets and Legends of Old Westmorland is not just a book, it is a blend of word and image that gives readers a dramatic insight into the old county's past. Westmorland Gazette, 1991

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