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A Small War in Eden

About Hayloft

An A-Z Cumbria & Lake District on Film

Anarchy or Establishment

Anonymous Heroes

Appleby Fire Brigade

Appleby in Westmorland, the story of

Apples and Orchards of Cumbria

Arnold - The Story of a Blackpool School


Barden in Wharfedale

Behind Chained Gates

Better by Far a Cumberland Hussar

Between Two Gardens

Black Dog's Day

Border, The: A History of

Breed of Distinction: White Park Cattle, A

Bright Side, The

Brough-under-Stainmore, the story of

Captain Hepper's Great War Diary


Cartmel Fell

Changing the Face of Carlisle

Changing Times, the story of Bolton

Children of the Dale

Close Your Doors: Keep the Monsters Out!

Coast to Coast with a Camera

Colourful Characters of... Eden Valley

Comet that Fell to Earth, The

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Country Doctor: A Lifetime as a GP

Country Doctor (Dr Bainbridge)

Cumbria & Yorkshire Guides

Dacre Castle

Dalesman's War, A

Darling of Kings

Data Protection/Privacy Policy

Dream Come True, A

Escape to the Lakes

Espen Ash Lad - Folk Tales from Norway

Everest: A Thousand Years of Exploration

Farm Life on Field and Fell


Ferry Inn on Windermere, The

Flowers of Swaledale, The

For Queen and Cumberland

From Clogs and Wellies

From the High Pennines

Gardens, Homes and Countryside

Ghastles, The

Ghastlies Christmas, The

Gobie the Spaceman

Gone to Blazes

Great Flood, The

Great Wall, The

Hayloft Stable

Hefted Farmer, The

Herdwick Country Cook Book


High Pennines


History and Culture of Manipur

History of Kaber, A

Hombiss the Hare

Hombiss the Hare is Lost in the Snow


Hoofprints in Eden


In My Boots

Irish Influence, The

It's Only Me

Journey of Soles, A

Kings Meaburn Cookery Book

Lady Sybil: Empire, War and Revolution

Lake District Place Names

Lake District, The

Lakeland Dales, The

Lakeland in the 1830s

Lakeland Paintbook, A


Last Post and Reveille

Letters Home

Letters Home from Nigeria

Letters - William Pearson

Limping and Waddling to the Revolution

Long Day Done, The

Maddison Line, The


Maurice Wilson

Memoirs and Biographies

Memoirs at 100 Years of Age

Men of Swaledale


Military Mountaineering


Mountain Rescue

Muker: A Yorkshire Parish

My Red House Years

Native Breed, A

Native of Eskdale

New Releases

Nine Standards

None the Wiser

North Country Tapestry

Northern Warrior

Not s'many cows


Ocean without Shells, An

Odd Corners, Appleby

Odd Corners, Howgills

Oil, Sand and Politics

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Other Projects

Pashler's Lane

Paw Therapy

Penguins and Mandarins

Pennine Dynasty, A

Pilgrims in Hindu Holy Land

Plains of Heaven

Ploughing, Politics and Fellowship


Police and Me, The

Project Alpha

Rainbows, Recollections and Reality

Rare Birds

Reflections from the Lakes

Remember to Smile: Looking for Kate


Richmond and Swaledale


Riding the Stang

Riot of Thorn and Leaf

Rock Queen

Roof of Wensleydale, The

Running High

Scottish Red Deer and their Conservation

Search and Rescue Dogs

Secrets and Legends of old Westmorland

Semer Water in Wensleydale

Servant of Empire

Shadow Cast by Mountains

Shadows in the Mist

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Singin' the Blues

So you want to join Mountain Rescue

Soldiers and Sherpas

Somme Battlefield, The

Souls of Lonely Places

Spitfire over Everest

Stone Circles of Cumbria

Stop for Breakfast

Susan Breeks of Helbeck

Teesdale Calendar

Tales from Teesdale

Teesdale in Pictures

Those Blue Remembered Hills

Those were the days

Three Feet of Lightning

To Bid them Farewell

To the Mountain Top

Touch the Earth


Two Old Bats

Tyneside Martyr, A

Undressed for Dinner

Walk on the Wild Side

Walking and Running Books

Walking on Bridges

Walnuts and Jade

Water-power Mills of South Lakeland


Wild Trails to Far Horizons

Words from the Wildwood

Yorkshire's North West Frontier

Yorkshire Transvestite

Young People

Yows and Cows


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