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So you want to join Mountain Rescue:

Mountain Rescue Explained


A percentage of profits from sale of this book will go to mountain rescue

About this book:

  • ISBN: 9781904524472 (paperback)

  • Published 2006

  • Price £14.95 + postage

  • 200 pages

  • Illustrated with 100 original colour cartoons

About the Book:

I have been involved with mountain rescue in a number of roles for a little over thirty years. During that time I have come to respect the people who provide the service for their commitment, their skills, and their capacity to endure. However, I have also come to believe that perhaps the most essential requirement for a successful mountain rescue team member is a sense of humour and it is in recognition of this that this book is produced. I must pay tribute to the excellent book Mountain Rescue by Bob Sharp and Judy Whiteside which I have parodied and used as a source of ideas.
David Allan, FRCS, chairman of Mountain Rescue (England & Wales)

'Okay, Phil. Give me the other half of the stretcher...'

About the Authors:

DAVID ALLAN - A first chance encounter with mountain rescue occurred in 1970 when none other than Stewart Hulse (Langdale Ambleside MRT) looked after the boot of David Allan whilst he reduced a dislocated shoulder on the east face of Pavey Arc. A move to south Cumbria in 1975, however, established the beginning of a longer involvement. David was recruited as team doctor with Furness MRT and subsequently went on to become the medical officer and chairman of Mountain Rescue (England & Wales).

JUDY WHITESIDE didn't join mountain rescue. Oh no! She found herself slowly but relentlessly sucked into it, in the manner of quicksand. And the more she struggled to escape, the deeper she found herself entrenched. A non-operational member of Rossendale & Pendle MRT for eight years (and currently secretary), editor of Mountain Rescue Magazine for five, and co-author with Bob Sharp of Mountain Rescue, she finally succumbed to the seductive bleep of the pager (and some genuine mud on her boots) in 2006. Oh, how they all laughed!


'...a delightful collaboration of David and Judy's work that weaves their combined artistic flair, presentation skills, knowledge of their subject and humour into a compendium of fun.' Barry Robinson, Rossendale and Pendle Mountain Rescue Team, writing in Mountain Rescue magazine, October 2006.

'...a whole new, humorous slant on the vital work of mountain rescue volunteers.' Cumberland and Westmorland Herald, September 2006.


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