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Templeton's Tale


About this book:

  • ISBN: 190 452 4419 (paperback)

  • Published 2006

  • Special price £6.00 + postage

  • 185 pages

  • Illustrated with 12 drawings

About the Book:
Enter the strange world of magic and mayhem that envelopes Miah and Will as they accidentally stumble into time travel and wade through treachery and terror, whilst attempting to release a 13th century knight from an ancient curse. (Sound impossible? How many times have you wandered on to a completely unknown website by mistake and become hooked?)
Can the youngsters complete their mysterious task in time? Will they somehow summon the strength to deal with the shocking discoveries that await them?
And dare YOU witness their struggle to come to terms with perhaps the most disturbing revelation of all; that in order to face the future, they must first confront the past?

The book is illustrated with 12 original drawings by Henry Jenkins and a cover illustration by Lynda Nelson.

About the Author:
Shelley Stewart was born in Nairobi, Kenya. She spent many years living abroad before returning to the UK in the 1980s. She now lives in an old house next to an even older churchyard in England and is married with three children.


Tale of magic and mayhem

Author Shelley Stewart found inspiration for her children's novel close to home in the scenic Eden Valley. 'Templeton's Tale' uses real life locations in Cumbria and further afield in a tale of magic and mayhem that sees our heroes Miah and Will accidentally stumble into time travel and wade through treachery and terror while attempting to release a 13th century knight from an ancient curse. The author... creates a fairytale world where kids (and even grown-up big kids) can lose themselves for a happy hour or three. They can even go interactive via a website and treasure hunt for clues. Now that's magic. Cumbria Life, August 2006

Launch of magical story
A mother of three is celebrating the launch of her first children's novel and is aiming to help other first time writers and artists to get their work published.
Shelley Stewart started writing her magical children's story 'Templeton's Tale' six years ago, when her oldest child was at nursery. She launched her book with the help of the children who have inspired her work.
Children from the local primary schools attended a special book launch at Acorn Bank, near her home in Temple Sowerby, and another event was held for all parents, children and lovers of children's fiction at the Bluebell Bookshop, Penrith.
'Templeton's Tale' uses real life locations in Cumbria and further afield, and readers can bring the story to life through an interactive website and treasure hunt for clues. The website is also a link to Shelley's business, Legends Unlimited, which aims to help unpublished writers, photographers and artists get their work into the public domain.
Shelley said: 'Each book has a unique book number printed on the back of the jacket which enables each reader to register on the legendsunlimited.co.uk website to enter a free prize draw. There will also be various other challenges should readers want to interact further with the story.
'One of the challenges will be for readers to submit their own mini legend to the site.'
Shelley will choose the winning entry for inclusion into the next book and other entries will be published on the website itself. Shelley added: 'My aim is to encourage youngsters in their creative writing, to help build confidence and to inspire them to have a go.'
Shelley's love of the Eden Valley has inspired her work. Born in Kenya, where her father was serving in the Army, Shelley travelled around the world as a young child.
She said: 'Having lived abroad for most of my early years, I consider myself very lucky to have settled in one of the most beautiful parts of England. Of course I couldn't help but be inspired by what surrounds me.'
'Templeton's Tale' is a three-part story. Two young friends stumble on an unusual website containing clues, the solutions to which may free a 13th century knight from an ancient curse. The children, having matched each clue to locations within their own village, find themselves embroiled in a sequence of events they must see through to the bitter end if they are to keep a promise to a new-found friend.
Ancient magic whisks the incredulous children on a one way, high speed, roller coaster ride of time travel, where self-sacrifice and facing up to their fears test the children's resolve to bring their adventures to a satisfactory yet surprising conclusion.

Cumberland & Westmorland Herald, 10 June 2006

Templeton's Tale is beautifully written and bursting with intrigue and romance, children of all ages will be enchanted by the wonderful fairytale world Shelley has created. Linnhe Catlow, 3 Bear Animations


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