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Three Feet of Lightning


About this book:

  • ISBN: 9781904524892 (paperback)

  • Published June 2013

  • Price £9.00 + postage

  • 170 pages


Nine 5 star Amazon Reader Reviews!

A Cumbria Tale of Family Life and Love
The fells above Ullswater and the lake itself play their part in this story of a farming family, their life and loves. The flock of Herdwick sheep and the sheepdogs play a central role in this heart-warming story.

About the Author :
This is the author’s first novel, written at the age of 68. Born in Dundee and educated in both Northumberland and Durham, Rita Wilkinson has lived in Darlington all her adult life. She is married with two daughters - one living in Cumbria and the other in Yorkshire. Throughout her lifetime she has wanted to write but never felt confident enough until now. She wishes she had made the attempt earlier but is happy her work is now in print.


Life on the Cumbrian fells has never been a bed of roses for Ted and Muriel Thornton but they have enjoyed every minute at Felix Hill Farm doing a job they love and enjoying the support of a loving family and friends. And then, out of the blue, Muriel has a strang premonition and disaster surely follows, but with unexpected results. Darlington author Rita Wilkinson's country saga has warmth, passion and glows with a genuine love for the countryside. (Northern Echo)

A family tale of life on the Cumbrian fells above Ullswater, this novel provides a quintessential account of country life. Despite injecting some of the harsh realities of a working farm, the light plot provides an easy paced escape to rural England, following the lives of Ted and Muriel. RD, (The Lady)

A charming tale of family life and love on the Cumbrian fells. Rita weaves the stories of Ted and Muriel with a deft touch as we follow their lives through the years. (Vicki Henderson, The Northern Echo)

Rita Wilkinson has been brave enough to seek publication of her novel "Three Feet of Lightning" at the age of 68.
Placed near Howtown, with the farmhouse facing Ullswater, the Longstaffe family have farmed at Felix Hill Farm for several generations. The farm is a hill farm, breeding Herdwicks in addition to a small collection of other odd, almost pet animals.
Rita tells the story of the family over a number of years, tracing the family's ups and downs, tragedies and joys; all taking place in a unique and very beautiful landscape which acts as a watching, almost living backdrop to the Longstaffes' day-to-day work, hopes and fears. Shepherding with well-loved dogs and very uncertain weather patterns play a large part in the telling of her story.
Rita's own love of farming life in this special corner of the Lake District shines through her words. She skilfully knits her tale together shaping it up into a fascinating novel which is a good read and which I personally found hard to put down until I'd reached the end. This very warm-hearted tale can be enjoyed by all members of the family. I hesitate to tell more of the story in case I spoil the reader's experience! I hope Rita's publishers send us a copy of her next novel.
(Joyce Wilson, Keswick Reminder, July 2013)

Reader Reviews:

AMAZING!!! I loved reading this book! It was one of the best books i have ever read. It's a real heart-warming novel - Kerry

FANTASTIC - Considering this was Rita's first book you would think she had been writing for years, the story was very well written and had me glued to the book. You would think that she had been born and bred in the Lake District, portraying everyday life on a farm as though she had worked on one. The story had me filling up with tears in parts and laughing in others and I look forward to reading her next book - Val


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