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About this book:

  • ISBN: 978 190 452 4885 (hardback)

  • Published 2012

  • Price £12.00 + postage

  • 84 pages

  • Illustrated with 4 original drawings

You could be forgiven for accepting Alan Forsyth OBE at face value as an officer and a gentleman. But you'd be missing a hell of a lot. Here he is exposed to full magnificent view - the reluctant metal-bashing apprentice, the soldier earning his spurs, the wistful lover, the engineering draughtsman who made a fortune out of his own business. Join this lovely twinkle-eyed traveller on his long and winding road to retirement and coffee mornings among 'the trainee hedonists of Bowland Bridge.' Against a recognisable backcloth of the monumental political and social landmarks of his lifetime, Forsyth offers his insights - as a man of metal and metre. Keith Sutton, Industrial Fellow, Journalism Leaders Programme, UCLan, and former President of Society of Editors.

At times wistful, at times very funny and always arresting and touching in their humility, these delightful poems reflect the richness of Alan Forsyth's experiences as a soldier, pioneering engineer, global entrepreneur, poet, artist and former Deputy Lieutenant of Cumbria. The collection is divided into seasons, each prefaced by a drawing by Alan, who lives with his wife Jennifer in Grange-over-Sands. Mary Ingham, Cumbria Life.

This smart poetry book offers unusual insights from its Cumbrian author's wide-ranging experiences. Named after navigational reference points, it spans a whole host of topics. Writer Alan Forsyth OBE has been a soldier, engineering draughtsman, entrepreneur, traveller and painter. His book hosts 46 poems giving a terrific sense of the many twists and turns of life and how it is lived in a wide world. Helen Perkins, Westmorland Gazette.

Local author and artist Alan Forsyth has had poetry published by the University of Wales and has exhibited paintings jointly with his wife Jennifer at Cirencester, Grizedale and Kendal Brewery Arts Centre. Before retiring to Grange his 'day job' was running a very successful engineering company but painting, illustrating and writing has always played an important part in his life since student days studying art in Liverpool.
Waypoints is an interesting pocket-size hardback volume of Alan's seasonal poetic musings and insights during a long and winding road to retirement and coffee mornings among "the trainee hedonists of Bowland Bridge." Highly recommended to dip into for thought-provoking pleasure.
Grange Now, April 2012

About the Author:
Alan Forsyth, was born in Wallasey, Cheshire, of Welsh land-owning farming stock, and Scottish/Cumbrian seafarers. After a false start in marine engineering, he joined the Recce Corps in 1945, commissioned in the RAC, the Queen's Bays. He studied Art at Liverpool, was commissioned in the Cheshire Yeomanry, then joined Vickers Supermarine initially in Technical Publications, then as deputy Chief Draughtsman, Chilbolton. Together with wife, Jennifer, he moved between aircraft and other engineering companies, until joining Furmanite in 1967 as part of a two-man operation, growing to more than 1,500 staff worldwide and sales of £50 million, meanwhile painting, illustrating and writing. Alan was awarded an OBE in 1981 and appointed DL for Cumbria in 1995. His poetry has been published by the University of Wales, Gregynog in 1992 and 1995. He and Jennifer have exhibited paintings jointly at Cirencester, Grizedale and Kendal Brewery Arts Centre






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