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A Breed of Distinction:

White Park Cattle Ancient and Modern



About this book:

  • ISBN: 095 3164 101(paperback)

  • Published 1997

  • £16.00 + plus postage

  • 168 pages

  • Illustrated with black and white and colour photographs

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About the Book:
Britain boasts an impressive array of breeds of cattle, many of which have extended their influence to the furthest corners of the world but, among them, the ancient white breed stands out as a special type. It encompasses in its history the contrasting cultures of the British Isles; from Druidic ceremonial sacrifice to the enlightened Laws of Hywel Dda in Deheubarth in the tenth century. It was monarch of the Caledonian Forest and a prized beast of chase, yet it stands poised to make a significant contribution to the future of sustainable non-intensive livestock farming. The White Park is a native breed, supremely adapted to the British environment, which has enriched our past, and which has the ability to enhance our future.

About the Author:

Lawrence Alderson was born on a Pennine hill farm in Teesdale. After graduation at Cambridge University he established an international consultancy business specialising in business management and livestock breeding and production. In his farming businesses he developed a new breed of sheep, and owns the most ancient herd of White Park cattle. Meanwhile, he was a founder of both the Rare Breeds Survival Trust and Rare Breeds International, and was awarded the CBE in recognition of his work in the conservation of native breeds of livestock. He is the author or editor of many technical books dealing primarily with genetic conservation.


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